An author's journey - Where it all began

Erica Smith children's book highland cow

Welcome to the inner working of my brain …. The source of inspiration and crazy, the holder of secrets and dreams, the imagination of fantastic tales, and the home of Kenzie the Coo.

My journey to published author has been a long and windy road, with a few road blocks, more than one washed away path and a whole lot of dirt and dust. But with support and encouragement from many, in January 2018 I joined an illustrious list of published authors.

My children’s picture book “Kenzie in search of a friend” tells the story of a lonely heilan’ coo (highland calf) and her search for a friend just like her. My dream to write a story started a very long time ago in an English class with one teacher who had a profound impact on my life (thanks Mrs Rayna Morris!). In class we had to write a children’s story and bam! Seed was planted.

After taking an alternative path as journalist, then even more alternative path as business development officer, banker, admin officer and carer (told you the road was interesting!), in 2012 I bought my first Highland Cattle. But still … it was just a dream. I had no inspiration. No idea where to start. No idea what to write about.

Then in 2016 I asked a very dear and extremely talented friend if she could draw me a character to use as the logo for my highland cattle. Ashleigh Webb ( ) drew me this ….

 Kenzie_draft     kenzie_colour_draft

While this character is cute as – it wasn’t exactly suitable as a logo for my highland fold…

BOOM! Ideas flew. And just like that, Kenzie was born. Antics of my own calves and cows, and just some outright creativity kept my brain churning with ideas.

But something was still lacking. A little thing called … CONFIDENCE.

Such an important part of the creative process, and yet, I just didn’t feel I could do it. And then a very important person said something that changed it all. After encouraging me previously during a visit to Australia, the parting words thrown at me during that last good bye was “write your damn book”. So I did.

Kenzie was born … illustrated … painted … designed … and finally published!

A monster was created and I won’t apologise ….




Now stay tuned for more ramblings of an authors mind, and more Kenzie adventures.